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What is traditional Judaism

NORTHSHORE  TRADITIONAL  SYNAGOGUE is  a new synagogue in the Northshore Community. The Synagogue is affiliated with  Torah Affiliated Kehilote
 of North America an organization representing Traditional  and Modern
 Orthodox congregations. 

 The  World has  experienced a  radicalization in society from our political perspective to our religious values. These changes have been absolutely  frightening. Now is a  time for us to hold  on to the ideals and values that have guided us and given us comfort.  Northshore  Traditional  is community representing moderation grounded in Torah  traditions  which we hold  dear. For  those who  grew up in the Orthodox  movement of  the 20th century, the era of Dr. Samuel Belkin and his “Blue  Print for  the Sixties”  when Jews  would “study  the moral  and spiritual  purposes of  life” or the Conservative  Movement of  Dr. Louis  Finkelstein and Rabbi Shaul Lieberman,  we find comfort in faith grounded in moderation.
Rav  Liebermancame  to America  from Motel  to teach “American Jews to make a  commitment to  study and  observe the  Torah."  Chief Justice  Earl Warren  of Unitied  States Supreme  Court was  convinced to  spend a Shabbat at the Seminary to study Talmud by these great scholars. 

 It  is in this spirit that NORTHSHORE  TRADITIONAL  SYNAGOGUE proudly dedicates
 itself to  traditional  observances  of Judaism.

Dr. Samuel Belkin Past President of Yeshiva University Dr. Louis Finkelstein Chancellor of Jewish Theological Seminary
The  Synagogue family offers an intimate personal environment  that embraces
adults and  children. We  realize that  we cannot  be all things to all people; however, for those who wish to walk  the spiritual  path of Judaism and enjoy the Torah traditions,
NorthShoreTraditional  can  be theperfect home.

As a community we honestly face the challenges of our day  without yielding to the pressures of social trends. The Synagogue is a place that  guides children and adults to the understanding  that a personal, spiritual,  relationship with G-d brings meaning and value to life. It helps individuals to establish healthy  distinctive boundaries with
vision and  purpose for  the future.

Synagogue  relationshipsbegin with a personal connection. Your  relationship can begin with a Synagogue  social or  a class in Hebrew. Join us for  study about  Shabbat prayer
or the origins of Jewish tradition.  Whatever your  path we hope that you will visit our Shul. Don’t be shy, reach  out and call Rabbi Mehler, he will be happy  to visit with you and tell you more about the Synagogue family.  He can be reached at 847-391-8767
or call his home at 847-714-9423.

We invite  you to join us for  the High  Holy Days  by purchasing  tickets to this years’ service. 

This  year services  will beconducted in the Theater at the Center  on Deafness  3444 Dundee  Road Northbrook, Illinois.

Rosh  HaShana will be observed on Thursday, Septermber 29th and Friday, September
30th. Yom Kippur will be observed Friday evening October 7th and Saturday
Morning October 8th.